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What are some fun balloon games for children?

balloon games guide by the chapions academy edmonton

One of the cheapest yet fun ways to keep the children entertained either at a party or just at your home is by engaging them with various balloon games. All you need to do is to buy a bag of inexpensive balloons and create an imaginative game to play.

Fortunately, there are various types of games that can be played by the children solely with the help of balloons and will keep them engaged at your backyard BBQs or a birthday party. Also, it is easy to keep your kids distracted from their use of electronics and helps them bond well with their siblings and friends.

In this article, we will discuss some interesting indoor and outdoor balloon games through which you can keep your kids engaged in an amusing yet creative way.

What are some of the funny and exciting balloon games through which you can keep your children entertained?

The balloon tennis game

The balloon tennis serves as an indoor game and has a basic idea of a game similar to a tennis game. With the help of wooden spoons or spatulas and taping them with a paper plate, you can make your rackets at home. Then for a net, use a chair or a couch and make your kids stand at each given side and let them hit the balloon like a tennis ball. If the balloon hits the ground, the opposite team gets one point.

Frozen ice balloon game

The frozen ice balloon game is one of the most fantastic balloon games you can play with your kids. All you have to do is freeze the water-filled balloons and let your kids peel off the balloons while trying to melt the ice inside with the help of some warm water.

To make it more interesting, you can even hide a small toy or a dinosaur inside the frozen balloons and let your kids find them.

The game of balloon hockey

To play the indoor balloon hockey game, you must make small hockey sticks by cutting the required pool noodles in half. Then use the balloon as pluck and for the net, place your laundry baskets or boxes across the sides of the room.

Let your children kick the balloon back and forth, just like in the hockey game; thus, the team that puts the balloon inside the net scores a point.

The surprise popping of balloons

In this game, blow up many balloons and fill half of them with treats like trinkets, toys, notes, and small lollies. Then, ask the kids to work hard to pop up the balloons and retrieve their respective surprises.

This popping surprise game is excellent for parties and group activities and helps you keep your child engaged while letting them socialize with other kids.

The game of protecting your balloons

The game of protecting your balloon acts as an excellent activity for a larger group containing about five or more kids. This game provides each child with one balloon and a string approximately a meter long.

Tie the provided string to the balloon along with their respective ankle and make them blow up their respective balloons.

The idea of this game is to make the kids protect their balloons while letting them try to bust the other member’s balloons. The kid with the last balloon standing will be declared the winner of this game. During this game, supervision by the adults is essential.

Passing the balloon game

If you have a group of at least ten kids, then giving the balloon serves as the perfect game for the kids to keep engaged.

In this game, all you have to do is split the children into an even number of groups and make them stand in a parallel line with a distance of about half a meter between each child.

The child standing at the last would be provided with an inflated balloon, and once you call the game to start, the kids will pass the respective balloons under their legs to the child standing in front of them until and unless the balloon reaches the first person standing in the required line. The first-ever team who will hold their respective balloon up at the front of their line will eventually be declared the winner of the game.

The race of balloon and spoon

The balloon and spoon racing game is one of the perfect outdoor games for the kids. This game is very similar to the traditional egg and spoon racing game.

In this game, with the help of a large wooden spoon, the kids have to balance their respective balloons upon the spoon and make it to the finish line. The kid making it to the finish line will eventually be declared the winner of the race, but if someone drops or burst their balloons, they must return to the starting point and try it again until they finish.

The fun yet creative paintings of the balloon

The balloon painting is a sensory yet messy fun way to keep your kids entertained. All you have to do is to blow up a few of the balloons partially and let your kids create a painting upon these balloons. You can also make the children dip these balloons in paints of various colors and allow them to create circular shapes upon them.

The keepy-uppy game

One of the classic games of balloons includes the game of keepy-uppy. This is a perfect indoor game with the simple idea of keeping the balloons up in the air while not allowing them to touch the ground.

To play this game, ensure you have adequate space free from tripping hazards and fragile items.

This game also serves as one of the funny yet highly engaging games for the children to play at parties or in group activities.


The balloons are one of the inexpensive items through which you can create a series of highly engaging and creative games for your children. The games mentioned above include indoor and outdoor balloon activities, which will help keep your kids entertained while allowing them to bond with other kids and their siblings for extended periods.

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