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Tips to Improve Public Speaking Skills in Children

Tips to Improve Public Speaking Skills in Children

Do you remember the time when you had to go on stage or recite a poem in front of the whole class? While some of your classmates didn’t have any issue getting up on stage, you were very scared and it gave you goosebumps. Kids are not born with public speaking skills. Some kids get comfortable with public speaking on their own, and others find it difficult to face the audience.

Top 9 Tips to Improve Public Speaking Skills in Children

If your kid is the shy one or doesn’t feel as shy but you wish to improve their public speaking skills, then read this post as we share with you how you can go about it. In this article, we shall share tips on how to improve your kid’s public speaking skills. Let’s get started.

1. Never Interrupt When They Speak Their Mind

The problem with some parents is they don’t let their child speak their minds. You need to normalize the idea of kids speaking and completing the sentence. Just in case you interrupt, there is a chance that the child will shy away from speaking their mind thinking they would get a wack from you. So, the first step is to allow your kids to speak. That’s a good starting point.

2. Let Your Child Choose a Topic Of Their Liking

If someone asks us to pick a topic and speak on it, we would probably go on and on about children and how one can help them come out of their shells. You must speak to your kid about what they like. Let them select a topic and then they can speak on it for at least two minutes. You can increase the time eventually. Don’t put them in an embarrassing position. Let them start speaking in front of a few people like family members and then introduce them to some of your friends. Slowly, your kid will be comfortable speaking in front of an audience.

3. Play Date Time

You can call over some of your child’s friends for a play date. Sit with them for ten minutes and motivate them to speak their mind. It could be about their favourite candy or the game they love playing. This would help build a conversation. All the kids will participate in the discussion, and your kid won’t feel shy speaking his/her mind in front of a bunch of friends. Don’t invade the space – just 10 minutes with the kids will do.

4. Share Your Experiences With Your Kid

We want to be an inspiration for our kids, but none of us are perfect. Don’t try to paint a picture that you have always been perfect ever since you were a child. Let your kid know that it’s acceptable to be scared of speaking in public, going on the stage, or making new friends. Tell them about the challenges and how you overcame them through courage and persistence. Sometimes your kid will forget a few lines while reciting poetry. They might stammer when they feel nervous in front of a crowd. The key is to make them feel comfortable and not like social outcasts. Even if they goof up, please note that none of us got it right the first time.

5. Get a Mic and Sound System

Do you know what would work here? A mic and a sound system. You must purchase this gear and let your child use the mic at home. Let them use the mic when they like and tell them to practise speaking about their favourite topic using the gear. At least this would make them comfortable and there will be no awkwardness when they have to face an audience for the first time. The child needs to get comfortable first.

6. Let Them Know That Silence Isn’t Bad

Sometimes people won’t react to your speech. Some are genuinely hearing you out and others are simply trying to catch a nap. Let your child know that a silent room can be expected at times and this should not bother them. You want your kid to know that a silent crowd means that everyone’s hearing them out patiently. You must teach your kid that silence does not mean mocking. It is also important to let them know that even if they forget a few lines, nobody is going to banish them from school or the planet. Kids will get better at public speaking eventually.

7. Teach Them Not To Fumble During Conversations

This one can be hard but it’s durable. Fumbling is not a crime, but your child needs to use better words when thinking. Instead of saying a hmmm or ummmm, the child can come up with creative ways of thinking out loud.

8. Practice Will Make Them Perfect

Sure, your child is feeling confident enough to face an audience, but they still need to practise public speaking before a big event. Practice can make anyone’s diction perfect. Your child will fumble in between but don’t let them stop. Ask your child to keep practising. When your kid practises public speaking, they are able to make an impact, a positive one indeed. Also, kids will stop feeling scared when they practise a few times a day. How are the other kids doing it? Your kid can do it too! Everyone starts from somewhere, so don’t expect a miracle within a day.

9. Ask Them To Place an Order in the restaurant

The kid can place an order in a restaurant. This will help them to speak to others comfortably and not feel overwhelmed. So, whenever the waiter walks in, decide something, and let your kid place the order. It will be the first time they will try something new and when nobody makes a mockery of them, kids will settle down. This will help them build some confidence. Whenever you are busy with your phone or distracted, let your child place the order.

Concluding Thoughts

Improving public speaking skills in kids is not a tiring or overwhelming task. You need to have patience and persistence in you to help your kids become better public speakers

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