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6 Reasons Your Child Should Draw at Home, in Daycare, and In School


Drawing at daycare and home is a great way to encourage creativity and nurture your child’s drawing skills. But drawing in daycare or school can be just as beneficial, especially for children who are too young to articulate their thoughts with words. In this blog post, we list six reasons drawing should happen at all three of these venues.

Reasons Your Child Should Draw at Home, in Daycare, and In School

Why should drawing happen at home?

It’s important for parents and guardians to encourage art early on by drawing with their children. Drawing can help children learn about the world around them through creative expression that’s free from judgment. As they grow older, drawing will continue to provide therapeutic benefits like gaining emotional awareness and processing emotions more effectively.

Why should we encourage children to draw at daycare?

Drawing provides countless developmental benefits including helping kids focus attention better, communicate deeper feelings, develop creative skills and problem-solving abilities as well as get along socially with peers when sharing artwork together during

Develops Fine Motor Skills

Drawing practice is a great way to help children develop drawing skills. It also exercises their fine motor muscles and improves hand-eye coordination, which makes drawing an excellent activity for very young children who are just getting started with writing. And it doesn’t have to be complicated – drawing around the house or on paper can still provide benefits like these!

In daycare or school, drawing encourages creativity in kids that may not otherwise have enough outlets for expressing themselves creatively. They might need more encouragement than other students because they’re too young to articulate what they want through words alone; drawing helps them do so visually instead of waiting until they’ve learned language skills before being able to express their thoughts at all!

Encourages Visual Analysis

Drawings are a form of visual analysis that helps children understand the spatial aspects and relationships in the drawing. This is a key component to drawing, and it’s important for kids to learn this early on so they’re able to pick up drawing skills later on!

Drawing Helps Establish Concentration

Daycare provides children with an opportunity to focus on drawing, which gives them the chance to clear their minds of distractions. Drawing also helps develop concentration skills!

There’s no better way to improve drawing skills than by drawing at home or in daycare or school; different environments offer advantages that help foster creativity in kids who may not otherwise have it!

Drawing Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Just drawing on paper can be enough to improve drawing skills and hand-eye coordination. It doesn’t need to get complicated – drawing practice is a great activity for kids who are just developing drawing skills!

Drawing also Increases Individual Confidence

Drawing helps kids feel confident about drawing and practicing drawing, which in turn boosts their self-esteem. Children who are encouraged to draw at home or in daycare or school will be more likely to continue drawing for a long time!

Drawing Teaches Creative Problem Solving Skills

In the drawing, children explore new possibilities and think about various solutions to a problem. Drawing at home or in daycare teaches these creative problem-solving skills through drawing!

Drawing is an important activity for both very young children and older kids alike because it provides numerous developmental benefits. Concentration; Improves Hand-Eye Coordination; Drawings Also Increase Individual Confidence (self-esteem); Teaching Creative Problem-Solving Skills.

We believe that every child deserves love, support, and encouragement. The champions academy is committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and welcoming environment which facilitates the healthy growth and development of the “WHOLE” child. We help and nurture each child in our day-care by focusing on 4 Core: Mind, Body, Soul, and Personality. Contact us today at 587-454-5505 or visit for more information about how we can meet your family’s needs!

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