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Are out of school programs necessary to build academic competence?

Are out of school programs necessary to build academic competence?

Parents are often in a dilemma about placing their children in out of school programs because they feel that these are an extension of daycare facilities. However, out of school programs are more than just daycare facilities, and these are not places where you can drop your children so that you can go to work. Working parents find a suitable and safe environment for their child while they pursue their career can be challenging. Good daycare facilities can help alleviate the problem to a certain extent. But along with that, daycare facilities that have excellent out of school programs are better. These programs are designed to help your child develop academic competence, which will help him become more successful when he steps out of kindergarten and enters school. A certain level of inclination towards academic learning needs to be developed early on so that the child does not struggle with education.

Some of the methods by which out of school programs can help children build academic competence are as follows:

1. Learning by experiencing

In an out of school program, emphasis is given to learning by experiencing the world around them. Academic competence means the ability to imbibe knowledge, and children already have this ability in them. But it is necessary to ensure that the knowledge is imparted interestingly to feel attracted towards it. Some of the methods by which an out of school program can help build academic competence through experience are as follows:

  • Many programs insist on allowing children to explore the world around them, and this helps generate enthusiasm in children towards learning. This makes the entire process of learning enjoyable and fun. As a result, children develop an inclination towards academics without getting bored.
  • Children learn to implement what they learn to practice. For example, if they spend some time outside and experience the world outside, they can use this knowledge to speak of their feelings. This teaches them to articulate their feelings and helps build vocabulary, which is also a part of learning through experience.
  • Sometimes daycare centers organize short excursion trips to help children associate closely with the world around them. This helps them experience the world and learn through experience.

One of the primary objectives of an out of school program is to help prepare children for elementary school. Although they do not need to have extensive academic knowledge, a certain level of academic competence or skill is necessary. With the help of out of school programs, you can help build this skill in your child without making it boring for him.

2. Learning about the natural world

An essential part of academic knowledge is practical knowledge which comes through association with the real world. Today academic knowledge also means how well the child can associate with the world around him. For example, children nowadays are expected to identify day-to-day objects, understand the basics of healthy living and the importance of being environmentally conscious. Children have to be taught the importance of being clean and keeping their surroundings clean from an early age.  These have become a part of academic knowledge and are no longer considered a social skill. Kindergarteners are expected to know the basics of being eco-friendly and other essential things like the use of plastic should be avoided and that trees are necessary to save the environment. These have become a part of academic knowledge. Hence, these need to be imparted to children from a young age. With the help of out of school programs, you can be assured that your child will get the academic knowledge of these things and learn of their practical applications.

3. Academic knowledge beyond books

Nowadays, academic knowledge is no longer associated only with books but with other skills as well. Children have to learn other skills that are also considered part of academic competence or skill. These can be in the form of the ability to do non-fire cooking or doing artwork. Some of the additional academic competence that out of school programs can teach toddlers are as follows:

  • In a classroom based environment, children learn to do several co-curricular activities under the guidance of teachers. These also help children build their academic skills as many of these skills often get converted into career options later in life.
  • Art skills such as drawing and painting help children develop their ability to concentrate on their work. This is necessary for helping children to develop their academic skills. They can utilize this ability when they begin to read and write, which is necessary when they enter elementary school.
  • For active learners in out of school programs, children are given other educational items such as blocks and puzzles. These can help the children develop their ability to think critically, which is necessary to build the children’s academic competence.

When it comes to out of school programs, it would be wrong to say that these are daycare facilities designed to keep children occupied. Instead, these are programs that can help children develop their ability to think critically, which is necessary to develop academic competence. Other than that, these programs are also designed to develop traditional academic competence to find it easy to adjust to elementary school. They can easily understand what is taught in school and find it easy to settle down in a new school.

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