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Make Sure Your Child’s Daycare Has These Essentials During the Pandemic

Make Sure Your Child's Daycare Has These Essentials During the Pandemic

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we’ve stayed inside, limited our social interactions, altered all of our routines, and kept our fingers crossed. It’s common to lose control here and there at work, at home, with family members, and so on. As a parent, you may be concerned about your child’s education, social life, possible chaotic routines, and a variety of other little or big concerns. Sending your kid to a good daycare might alleviate many problems; nonetheless, make sure to consider these three factors.


Is this daycare in compliance with COVID-19 safety standards? Safety comes first. The government of Canada has stringent COVID-19 requirements, which must be adhered to by every institution in the country. Inquire about these three procedures: screening, cleaning, and isolation. Every day, staff and children are screened outside of the facility. That is to say

All surfaces, tools, toys, and items must be disinfected between sessions. It is generally agreed upon that alcohol-based disinfectants are quicker and more effective in eliminating viruses.

It’s also a good idea to minimize human contact when it comes to cleaning. We at Clever Daycare use cutting-edge technology to do just that.

Good hygiene practices must be followed by all personnel and children. (Using common face masks, keeping social distance, washing hands, and so on) The staff may educate youngsters on such habits and check their compliance. (It might be a lot of fun!)

Isolation is still an issue, even with all of the above precautions. Consider these factors, which minimize contact:

  1. The daycare must keep group sizes to a minimum, for obvious reasons.
  2. The daycare must make every effort to assign each kid to a particular group and keep them there. This is known as cohorting; it implies that kids from one group will never come into contact with individuals from another group.

The daycare must arrange for each group to utilize classes and facilities at various times. This ensures that one group is not in touch with another, as well as allowing for disinfection procedures between groups.


Is it safe for kids to be outside? Is there adequate ventilation in covered areas?

How do you combat an airborne virus? Prevent air from reaching your lungs! One option is to utilize masks, while another alternative is ventilation.

Because outdoor areas are generally larger and offer superior natural ventilation, they are even more essential during the epidemic. People aren’t required to stay close to one another, and there’s a greater chance of the virus spreading away from people. Many daycares have outside play spaces that must be utilized with carefully staggered schedules and disinfection procedures.

Children should also spend time inside, and this isn’t an issue as long as the air is constantly circulated. Make sure to inquire about the ventilation in your selected daycare centre.


Are children mentally supported for the pandemic?

We all have difficulties in our lives, whether it’s with our children or ourselves. The worldwide pandemic, on the other hand, has put us in a unique situation where each of these problems has room to get worse and they can all combine against us.

There are methods to deal with COVID-19 at home, but if you’re sending your kid to daycare, make sure both physical and mental health is taken care of.

Inquire about the daycare’s efforts to promote mental health during this time. Group discussions of each child’s thoughts on health issues, child therapy on-site, personal hygiene education, and, of course, fun games to distract children from the crisis are all possible options.


  1. There are several advantages and social connections that your youngster may get by being at daycare. You must concentrate on three things the daycare must meet in terms of COVID-19 safety: people must be screened before entry, hazards and items between sessions must be disinfected, and groups should be kept small, fixed, and distant from one another.
  2. Because of the elements, it’s important for daycare providers to keep an eye on their children when they’re outside. Because this lowers the chance of catching the illness, it would be ideal if there was an outdoor play area for youngsters. At all times, indoor locations must have adequate ventilation.

The daycare should be informed about the pandemic’s mental effects and properly addressed. Contact us to get more details.

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