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Importance of daycare in your child’s growth

Importance of daycare in your child's growth

Child psychiatrists and psychologists often mention that daycare centers can play a crucial role in children’s growth and development. Parents often suffer from the misconception that children receive the best education at home, and they should start going to school only when they are about six years of age. But pre-school and especially daycare facilities can help provide children with numerous skills that can help them survive better in a world that prioritizes communication. In a daycare facility, a child learns to communicate easily with members of his or her peer group, which can be a skill that can prove to be extremely helpful when the child starts going to school. This skill will not be developed if the child spends most of his or her formative years at home. Thus, daycare facilities can play a crucial role in the growth and development of children.

Some of the significant roles that daycare centers play in the growth and development of children are as follows:

  1. Interaction with the peer group
  2. Secure your child’s academic advancement
  3. Interacting with other adults

Interaction with the peer group

In a daycare facility, children learn to interact with their peer group members early on during their formative years. For example, if your child starts going to a daycare center as early as two years old, then your son or daughter will learn to interact with his or her peer group from that age itself.

Some of the things that he or she can know through these interactions are as follows:

  • They will learn to articulate their needs much better than children who have never been to daycare facilities.
  • Interaction with other peer group members will help make the children extrovert and make their language skills better. Often language skills develop by talking, and what better way to establish these than by speaking with one’s peers.
  • In a daycare facility, interactions with members of peers group will be overseen by teachers. Hence, the interactions will be coordinated and disciplined. Therefore, children will automatically learn to interact with friends in a disciplined and coordinated manner.
  • Interaction with peer groups automatically leads to the development of problem-solving ability in children. As children interact with each other, they will learn to discuss and solve any problem they come across independently. The tendency to reach out to elders whenever problems arise will reduce. This is seen as an essential milestone in the growth and development of a child.

Thus, interaction with one’s peer group, which is essential for your child’s holistic development, can occur only if your child goes to a daycare facility. Moreover, interaction with the peer group is necessary if you want your child to develop better communication skills. It has been observed that adults who have spent the formative years of their childhood in daycare facilities are often more confident in the decisions and grow up to be self-assured individuals.

Secure your child’s academic advancement

The objective behind sending your child to a daycare facility is to ensure that they get holistic education, which is necessary for academic advancement. Your child will grow up in an academically competitive environment, where just knowledge acquired from books is not sufficient. Your child must learn how to think out of the box. One of the best ways of doing this is to instill in him or her desire to acquire knowledge from their surroundings.

Practical and hands-on training has no substitute, and one of the best ways to start it is from a daycare facility. By providing hands-on training and incorporating children a desire to acquire knowledge from the surrounding, a daycare facility will help them grow up into clear thinking self-assured adults. Self-reliance is necessary even in the academic field when making career decisions and selecting their academic fields. Thus, to secure your child’s educational advancement and to ensure they can secure their academic career, you must set them on the correct path early on by admitting them to the right daycare center.

Interacting with other adults

In a daycare center, your child will get the chance to interact with adults who are not family members. This is also necessary to ensure the growth and development of children. They will interact with their teachers and learn to vocalize their requirements in a manner acceptable and necessary. This is necessary for situations where adults are involved, and it is not their home. A daycare center instills in children the courage and strength to understand that they can react and vocalize their requirements even if adults are involved. In the protected atmosphere of a daycare facility, children learn to discern between good and bad situations.

This is often necessary if children are faced with difficult situations. Children who have been to daycare centers become more confident and learn to think on their feet. Studies show that children who have been to daycare facilities are quick to react to difficult situations and can often prevent accidents from occurring. This is necessary to help children become more aware of their surroundings.

Thus, daycare facilities play a crucial role in helping children grow up into discerning, self-reliant, confidant, and academically secure adults. The primary reason for this is that the formative years of a child are incredibly crucial for teaching him or her anything. So if you send your child to a daycare facility, not only will you make his or her transition to kindergarten easier, but you will also make it easier for him or her to grow up into a more confident individual.

If you live in Edmonton, South Edmonton, or the Allendale area, and are wondering about putting your child in a daycare facility near your home, consider giving us a call at The Champions Academy Daycare OSC on 587-454-5505. We assure you that our daycare facility will meet all your requirements. If you are looking for anything specific, then check out our website: So if you want to put your child in one of the best daycare facilities in the neighborhood, give us a call right away.

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