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How to identify if a child loves outdoor or indoor activities?

How to identify if a child loves outdoor or indoor activities_

The debate of outdoor games being better than indoor ones and vice versa is never going to stop. Earlier, kids preferred playing outdoors. However, with the introduction of technology, many of the kids like playing indoor, sometimes with the friends and other times alone. While parents are worried of their kids becoming couch potatoes, the kids are happy slouching on the sofa for a good game on the television. The basic thing here is that games should be played by the kids, whether outdoor or indoor. This is because all work and no play are not good for the health of kids. Here, indoor and outdoor games have been tested on various parameters.

Identify if a child loves outdoor or indoor activities,

Is your child curious and full of energy?

If your child prefers being alone, likes to learn by exploring the world and is frequently on the move, the great outdoors might be ideal. If your child likes mountains, rivers, climbing, biking and other similar activities over the computer games, cartoons, tv, chess or carom-board etc, he/she surly prefers outdoors.

Does your child love to sing and make music?

Music uses many different parts of the brain at once to process rhythm, emotion and movement. All the elements of music—including tempo, pitch and beat—are key pieces of learning to read, too. And there are many kinds of music to explore. Some may offer your child a chance to be part of a group (such as band). Let your child plan the music as a part of indoor activity he/she enjoys.

Does your child know a lot of information and enjoy sharing it with other people?

Debate might be worth a shot. Debate club could help your child build friendships with people who have common interests. It can also help your child develop clearer communication skills and ways to organize thoughts. More a child loves debating, bigger the indication that the child loves indoor activities. Activities related to drama, story-telling and stage performance also indicate primary indoor interest.

Does your child like to draw, paint or sculpt?

Art loving children are also primarily indoor-activity-loving kids. Art classes can be a good way to let kids explore the beauty they see in the world. Drawing and painting can also build motor skills as well as teach shapes, spatial relationships, size and other mathematical concepts. Dancing is another form of activity that can be done indoor and outdoor and involves good physical exposure. Dance gives kids a social way to learn rhythm, coordination, motor skills and following directions. Kids also practice visual-spatial skills, which can be helpful when it comes to reading and math.

Does your child love animals?

Loving animals is a good sign that a child likes outdoor activities. Exposing children to Horse-riding is not only fun, but it can be therapeutic. It can help kids who have a tough time keeping their emotions in check build patience and impulse control. Riding also improves muscle tone, posture, gait and coordination. Petting zoos are also a good place to visit for young children as a part of animal loving, outdoor activity.

These are just some of the indications that we can observe and realize the activity preference of a child. Children’s behaviour and responses are more complex subjects. Many more factors can influence children’s priorities such as weather, medication, baby-sitter, visitors in family etc. We can distinguish the child behaviour mainly by the activities he/she is interested in and then promote it as per time and flow of life.

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