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Choosing Between Daycare Near Work or Home.

Choosing Between Daycare Near Work or Home

Finding the best and most reliable childcare service is an overwhelming decision for all parents. It gets even more difficult when you are supposed to choose between a daycare center near your office or home.

Guide on choosing between daycare near work or home

You can’t stay home to watch your kids 24 hours. This is especially not an option for single parents. You can either hire a full-time nanny who can look after your child at your place or get your little one into a childcare facility. Either way, it is important that you hire someone to take care of your kid when you are not home. The question is should you hire a childcare center near your workplace or home? Which one will be more convenient?

Childcare Near Home

Most parents prefer childcare near their homes. This option is the best for infants and toddlers that are new to the daycare setting. The thought that your child is near you gives you peace of mind. It’s also a great choice for parents working from home or full-time homemakers. With a childcare service near your home, you feel reassured that your kid is close to you, and you can visit them as many times as you want. It’s also quite convenient for parents working from the office. You can receive your kid from the childcare on your way home after work.


Easy Transportation

Parents can share the drop-offs and pick-ups responsibilities. Whoever gets back home early from work can pick up the child from the daycare. The best part is you don’t have to worry about forgetting your child at the daycare. Even if you didn’t pick up your kid on your way back home, they are only a short drive away or within walking distance (if the childcare center is located close to your home).


Parents may need to take sick-day leaves. So, if both parents are home, it may be difficult for you to drop your child off at the daycare. The childcare near home makes more sense when one of the parents has a job, while the other is either working from home or a homemaker. Plus, it offers you a great level of convenience. You can pick up your kid at any time you want from the daycare. Besides, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the traffic.

More Affordable

Your office location could be in the center of the town or near an airport. These locations are never convenient for parents, especially if your workplace is in a quiet place. Besides that, the cost of daycare is ridiculously high when you choose an inconvenient location. If you live in the suburbs, the most convenient and cost-effective option for you is the childcare services near your home.


Less Time With Your Kids

Every parent wants to spend maximum time with their kids. Childcare centers near home mean you will spend fewer hours with your little ones if your office is far from your home. Even if one of the parents stays home, they won’t really get time to visit the daycare every day. The problem with the daycare service near home is that you will be extremely far from your kid if any natural disaster or other uncertainty occurs.

Childcare Near Office

Childcare near work also offers many benefits to parents concerned about their toddlers. If you spend most of the time at work, it makes sense to choose a daycare center located near your workplace. Knowing that you will be able to reach your kid in the middle of the workday will give you peace of mind. You can call the daycare center and visit your child immediately from the office whenever needed. Employers will also not mind. However, childcare near the office comes with its set of complications.


Ger More Time with Your Kid

You get to spend more time with your kid when traveling to work. The longer the distance between your office and home, the more time you get with your little one every day. Besides that, you can see your kids at any time of the day when they are close to your office.

Easy to See Your Kids

This is especially important for mothers. If you are breastfeeding your kid, you need to stay with them or at least see them every 2-3 hours to feed them. It’s best to choose childcare near your office if you have an infant or toddler. You could visit them during lunch and breaks.

Collect Your Kids Immediately

You can collect your kids from the daycare center easily. Even if you are stuck in the traffic, you don’t have to worry about picking up your child from the daycare. You can walk to the daycare center, pick up your kid, and enjoy a safe commute home. With your kids close to your workplace, it will be easier to get them when you are running late. If they are far from your office, you need to pack up and leave early to pick up your child on your way home.


The Burden on one Parent

Childcare service near your office makes sense when both parents work in the same location. This means one parent will have to bear the burden of drop-offs and pick-ups every day. When it’s near home, anyone can get the child from daycare.

Sick-day Leaves

Sick-day leaves present a set of challenges for your kid. You can’t drop off your child at the daycare when you are not going to the office. In addition to the sick-day leaves, you might not work on weekends. So, your child will be away from you for hours during these days.

Inconvenient Location

Daycare near workplaces is often located in inconvenient locations. They are either in the middle of the city or in absolutely quiet places, making it a bit unsafe for your little ones.

Visit and book these services to ensure the safety and care for your kids.

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