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5 Creative Storytelling Games for Kids.

Storytelling games the champions academy

Most kids are hooked on video games, which can be a big distraction. One of the ways to get them off their screens and engage them in something more productive is to get them interested in storytelling games.

You might be wondering, “What is storytelling?” Well, storytelling is a fun and creative game that makes kids express their creativity in a fun way. So, if you have kids, it is time to get them started with storytelling.

Creative storytelling games are the best way to make your kids communicate, learn new things and have fun with their friends or siblings.

You might be curious about which storytelling game will be better for your children.  Here is an article that will give you a list of 5 creative games. These five games will help you create a tale that will fascinate your children and adults.

Top 5 storytelling games

You can say that creative games have been around for a long time. Going back to ancient history, you will find that too many people depended on the stories to pass the history from one generation to another. On the other hand, games are still among the most popular and loved forms of entertainment. When a story and games come together with creativity, it’s become a storytelling game that can enhance the creativity of your kids.

The following are the best creative storytelling games –

Folktales prompt

You might be familiar with the game called questions jar activity in which various questions are written on the paper and papers are put in the jar. This game is very similar to the question jar activity. For example, you have to write some phrases like ‘once upon a time,’ or ‘many years ago, in a land far away, and more on a paper chit and put them in a jar.

You must gather your kids and tell them to sit in a circle. If possible, you have to sit with them to teach them how to play. Ask one child to draw a paper chit from a jar; you have to read the phrase if your child doesn’t know how to read. Now, you have to tell a child to begin a story from the phrase you read in a paper chit. You can also challenge your children to tell a story in one minute. Now, repeat the same procedure with other children. It would be better to gather 4 to 5 children so that you can organize a competition between them.

Story Stone

Story Stone is also a similar game to folktales prompt. This storytelling game is best for children four or more years of age. However, the Story Stone game combines visual images and stones. You must gather tons of stones for this game and decorate them with thematic images like fairy tales, space, etc. You can also purchase decorated stones or story Stone games from the market.

Now, you must put all your story stones in a sturdy bag to make the game enjoyable. If possible, put stones of each category like a problem, character, and more in a separate bag. Pull them out one by one and tell a story according to the stones. You can use stones of each category to create your story and tell them to your beloved children. Then, using the stones of different categories, you can invent an uncountable story for your children.

eeBoo story card

eeBoo story cards are one of the popular storytelling games. It is the best game for waiting rooms and traveling. Moreover, this storytelling game is also best for children aged three or more. These cards contain themes like the forest, animal village, volcano island, etc.

If you want to start the eeBoo story card game, you should pick five cards and tell your children a story that relates to the cards you picked. You must stop a story in the middle so others can continue it. After stopping a story, another person has to pick other cards to continue the story with new cards. These steps will continue until someone ends a story.

Story block

You might be familiar with rolling dice games like Ludo or snake and ladders. Similarly, story block is a rolling dice game in which you have to roll a dice to play a game. You can build many blocks with pictures as per your wish to bring variation to the game. First, you have to decorate pictures on them to bring variation to the game. Then, you have to roll a dice to get images and build your own story based on the images. You must tell each child to roll a block if you have more than one child. If possible, encourage children to build their own stories.

Folded story

Last but not least, the folded story is one of the best storytelling games. This game will not only allow children to enjoy, but it will allow them to learn to write sentences. This game is best for children over five years old.

You should gather many children to play this exciting game. You should also gather some things, including paper, pencil or pen. One child must write a few phrases on a piece of paper, fold it, and read only one line before passing the paper to another child.

That person will read the last line, add a few more lines to the story, and fold it the same way as the first child. This process will continue until the last person writes the ending. However, these stories usually have a funny ending and help people to add more fun.


In this article, we have shared five fun storytelling games to help children increase their creativity. These games are a great way to help children build their imagination and use storytelling skills. Therefore, it is crucial to encourage your child to play storytelling games to help them develop their creativity.

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