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5 Creative Activities for Kids

Creative Activities for kids by Champions Academy Edmonton

Keeping your kids occupied isn’t a cakewalk! When they run around, scream, shout, and give you a headache – all you want to do is engage them in some fun yet educational activity. There are all kinds of activities for you such as easy-stamped art, watercolour painting, and art and craft projects.

While these are basic activities kids can indulge in, we thought of putting forward five creative activities for kids that they will thoroughly enjoy. No matter what their age is, these activities are thrilling kids of all age groups.

Now, let’s dive right in, and find out the different activities that you can include to keep them happy, jumpy, and occupied.

The 5 Fun Activities Kids Can Engage In and Spend Their Time Productively

#1 It’s Time to Doodle!

Doodling is a fun way to stay engaged! Usually, kids use drawing materials such as pencils, markers, crayons, and paper. Kids draw lines using a marker on paper and then fill these blanks with colours.

Kids can also find a hidden dragon or a monster in the drawings. Doodling is such a fun way to spend your time!

Doodle art may have some abstract drawings or they might have random objects too. With doodling, you can engage your kids for a long time and it’s also doable for them. It’s like scribbling in a notebook while singing, dancing, or even chit-chatting with friends. There is no technique involved, and kids love to do their own thing. Let their creative side show through doodle art.

#2 Let’s Create Hand Puppets

It’s interesting how kids love the idea of a puppet show, but they also like the idea of making puppets. Sure, you could start with the process of making puppets and then put up a show. Each of the kids can pick a character and use the puppet to put up a show.

You can create hand puppets – it’s quite easy. You can do those with socks or yarn, googly eyes, scissors, and a bit of glue.

Crafting puppets is fairly easy. If you don’t get yarn, feel free to use old socks to create puppets. There are all kinds of tutorial videos online that help you with the puppet-making process.

Rubber gloves can also be used for making finger puppets. You can also use paper to make these puppets. So, grab some crayon, the main fabric you want to use to make puppets, scissors, and objects that look like eyeballs. With these objects, you will be able to make a good puppet. Use anything you like but don’t leave your kids with scissors. Parental guidance is required.

#3 Making Bead Jewellery at Home

Beads are something every kid enjoys playing with. You can let them make different jewellery pieces using beads.

Give them a box of colourful beads and some yarn. It’s all about stringing a necklace or a bracelet. You can get beads at the craft store, so feel free to choose something shiny, bright, and beautiful.

Although we believe that both little girls and boys will enjoy playing with beads and making jewellery out of them, it is a girly activity. However, you can still let your little boys know that it’s okay to make jewellery out of beads. In fact, we see many grown men wearing beaded bracelets in the fashion world. Why not!

Kids should be open to everything! Playing with beads and making different accessories is a good way to showcase one’s creativity.

#4 Making Monsters Out of Rocks

Kids love to paint, and they feel excited to paint all kinds of things like walls, little boxes, old t-shirts, and even rocks.

Ask the kids to collect rocks from the beach (parental guidance is needed) or the garden, and ask them to gather in a circle and start making monsters out of rocks. They can make crooked teeth on these rock monsters and let them go creative with their hair and eyes. Provide some black, golden, and brown wool and glue to make hair for the monsters. This is a fun idea! Whichever kid makes the best rock monster gets a prize. But, at the end, make them happy by giving prizes to all. Everyone’s a winner at the end of the day!

#5 Make Different Shapes Out of Clay

Kids can make different shapes out of clay – a fish, cat, giraffe, star, ship, or anything they desire.

Making different shapes out of clay is a fun way to learn and play! This is one of the most creative activities out there.

You can show your kids how to do it first, and then let their imagination come into play.

Moreover, clay is kid-friendly and does not cause any harm to the skin. Clay is easily available in different colours. You can also get sparkly clay these days. Kids like anything that is colourful, so make sure you get a pack of clay in different colours.

Clay projects are fun, and it does not pose any threat to the overall health of the child. There are no chemicals, fumes, and side effects when kids make different figures out of clay. So, give them a pack and let them get creative!

Concluding Thoughts

These were the five creative activities that kids can indulge in.

Kids need versatile activities where their creativity can show. Making clay figurines, puppets out of socks and rubber gloves, painting rocks, and doodling are some of the most fun activities where a kid can showcase their imagination and creativity.

Showcasing creativity indoors is as important as getting physical activity. A combination of studying, playing, and indulging in creative activities helps a kid to grow, shine, and thrive.

Appreciate your child’s creativity and the efforts they have put in to showcase their talent. Perhaps you would also get to know your child’s hidden talent through these activities. Ensure that there is a balance of all: creative activities, academics, and sports. This way a child is able to experiment with different things and find out what they are good at.

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