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5 Best Babysitting Games to Play for Kids

Best Babysitting Games to Play

Are you planning to leave your kids at a daycare center? Whether you are attending an important event or planning a date night, leaving your kids at a childcare facility can overwhelm parents. Parents often face difficulty when deciding which daycare center is the best or which babysitter will take care of their kids.

Best Babysitting Games to Play

The job of a babysitter is to keep your child fed and safe, but your toddler also needs entertaining activities. You need to look for a babysitter who offers the best entertainment activities to your kids (of course, other than watching movies or playing video games). So, how do you decide the best games for your little ones? In this post, we have listed a few exciting babysitting game ideas for kids. Let’s take a look:

1. Storytelling Game

There are plenty of ways to play storytelling games. It requires a few kids. You can select the kids’ favorite story and dress each kid as one of the characters from the story. Each kid can learn dialogues from the story. It is a wonderful way to keep kids engrossed in a fun and exciting activity. If the kids are above 5 years, you can start a storytelling game, in which you use a paper and ask each kid to write a sentence. The paper has to be passed to each kid and they have to add another sentence to the story.

Each kid reads the story and adds a couple of lines. You will be surprised to see how kids finish these stories. If your kids love drawing and art, let them draw a picture that conveys a meaningful story. They will pick a friend who can understand the story from the picture. These were only a few ideas. You can try different storytelling games to make this activity fun for your little ones.

2. Balloon Games

A simple and affordable game idea for toddlers and children of all ages. Balloon games are easy, safe, and quite entertaining. Start with balloon dart. Grab a handful of balloons, a package of darts, and a large poster board where you can stick the balloons. Use a thumbtack to put the balloons up on the poster board and draw a line a few square meters away from this board.

Each child will get a chance to throw darts on the board and hit as many balloons as possible. Whoever pops the highest number of balloons wins. You could also play blow and pop balloon games. Divide children into a few teams, each having two kids. One kid blows the balloon and the other one has to burst it by sitting on the balloon or using their hands. Balloon blowing and popping games are the best pastime activities for kids of all ages. If you are babysitting children and can’t think of a good way to keep them occupied, try balloon games.

3. Drawing

Group activities do not make a good choice when you are babysitting one or two kids. You should try other fun activities that can teach kids a new skill while keeping them busy till their parents return. Give your kids a canvas, brushes, colors, and a picture they should copy. Give them instructions on which colors they can use to make the drawing better.

Drawing is not only an exciting activity, but it is a learning experience for your little ones. Each painting will teach them something new. That’s because kids have the habit of asking questions when they see paintings. They will want to know what is in the photograph, how they should draw it, which colors can be mixed, etc.

4. Scavenger Hunt

You can play as many games as you like, but nothing beats the excitement and fun you get to enjoy in the scavenger hunt. Kids can also play this game. All you need is a couple of toys that you can hide in a room or the backyard of your place and let the kids find them. Whoever finds most of the toys will win. You could also divide kids into two teams.

One team will hide the toys and the other one has to find them within a specific timeframe. Each team will hide the toys and find them. Whichever team completes the mission first wins. A scavenger hunt is a great way to keep kids busy and entertained. It also improves your kid’s communication skills, social skills, and teamwork. If the kids are tired of the scavenger hunt, try hide and seek. One kid has to find the rest of the kids hiding in different corners.

5. Fun Learning and Education Games

If you are playing with children above five, try educational games. The easiest one is writing a story. Hand a paper and pen to each kid and ask them to write a short story in a few lines and keep a prize for the kid who writes a compelling story. Puzzle games are also quite interesting for kids with inquisitive minds. Put a puzzle on the table and let them piece these puzzles. Set a time limit.

You could also create two or three teams and ask each team to solve the same puzzle. Whoever solves it first wins the game. If you can’t think of any fancy game, try simple learning games, such as guessing the animal or color name by looking at the picture. You can distribute a set of pictures to each kid and a paper to write down the names of the objects in these pictures. Whoever guesses most of the objects correctly will win.

Bottom Line

Babysitting gets a lot easier when you find the right game to keep your kids engaged. No matter how long the kids are staying with you, rest assured that they won’t cause any trouble as long as you keep them entertained. The above-listed games are safe, easy to play, and entertaining for kids of all ages. Call Champions Academy in Edmonton for daycare services and rest easy knowing that your kids will have a great time playing their favorite games.

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