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Top 10 Tips to choose the ideal Day Care Centre for your child

Top 10 Tips to choose the ideal Day Care Centre for your child

When it comes to choosing the ideal day care for our child, we wish to be extremely confident and sure of the choice we make. After all, it is a place that is a home away from home. An ideal daycare is mainly responsible for fostering the overall development of the child. Irrespective of the child care you choose, there are a few basic things that you need to take care of.

Top 10 tips to choose the ideal day care centre for your child

In order to help you make the decision, we are listing top 10 of the most well known tips to help you choose the ideal daycare centre for your child.

  1. Evaluate credible reputation
  2. Flexibility
  3. Evaluate the environment
  4. Attain commitment
  5. Make a policy check
  6. Check the food provided
  7. Assess the teacher-child bond
  8. Check out the activities and routine planned
  9. Proper security
  10. The right infrastructure and hygiene

Evaluate credible reputation:

You need to opt for the right day care centre by communicating with fellow parents, reviewing online feedback and testimonials to assess the right day care centre for your child. It is recommended to always stop by at intervals to talk to other parents whose child is enrolled in the day care. This helps you attain a fair idea of the day care centre. Do not ever take the first step without evaluating the credible reputation of the day care centre.


The ideal daycare helps you attain some flexibility. For example, assess if they are okay with you dropping your child off in an emergency and at any point of the day. Your terms with the daycare must be based upon the flexibility norms, helping you to fix your schedule as per your requirements. Hence, make sure you figure out how they are and follow the necessary rules, norms, and regulations.

Evaluate the environment:

When you visit the daycare to assess it with your own eyes, it is mandatory to pay attention to how the staff interacts with children. A centre should ideally be giving them attention either by playing with them or by fostering them. In the early years, the children need a close and fond relationship with their near and dear ones. This is why the caregivers need to be responsive and warm. Hence, when you check out the day care setting, make sure you evaluate the environment and assess it accordingly.

Attain commitment:

The children need consistent care and from the experts. This helps them to form a secure attachment to their caregivers. Hence, if you are looking for a daycare centre, make sure the centre you are approaching offers you commitment. While considering a centre, it is mandatory to determine how long the caregivers have been working and the experiences turnover.

Make a policy check:

Make sure to find out whether your perception matches with that of the caregivers. Topics such as television, feeding, discipline, sleeping, and the like are essentials that frame a child’s life. Hence, please inquire about the philosophies that the child caregivers have and match them with yours. Do not forget to ask whether they have a backup plan available if the family care provider is sick and is unable to work. The more you get clarity during the assessment, the better it calls for you to make your mind up.

Check the food provided:

Daycare is not only about fostering but also offering them the right meals. Hence, in order to be 100% sure, make sure you inspect the food and beverages department well. Check whether they offer the kids nutritious food or not. Evaluate whether the food being cooked is cooked within a hygienic ambiance or not. Additionally, do not forget to check a meal plan that they abide by and assess whether you confirm the same or not.

Assess the teacher-child bond:

This is another significant aspect to consider and is possible; you must interact with them to check whether your child will be comfortable over there or not. The daycare that has more children than teachers is a complete no-no. Visit the centre also to assess the bond that the nannies or the teachers share with the children. Try to focus on their temperament, and if they seem to be a lot disgruntled, you might want to keep them away from your child.

 Check out the activities and routine planned:

You need to check out the sort of activities that the daycare has! Inspect whether they have schedules assigned for physical activity, storytelling, group activities, and more. Check the timetable that they follow to view their routine planned for each child. Ensure they host several daily activities such as pottery, outdoor games, clay modelling, dramatics, and more to keep a child engaged and happy.

Proper security:

Visit the daycare centre on a regular day to assess the security norms. Inspect to what extent you can walk to the building without being restricted. Security emerges as one of the most essentials to help your child stay safe and secure while you are not around. The centre must be under security surveillance to help children attain in-class security when they are away from home.

The right infrastructure and hygiene:

It would be best if you choose a daycare centre that offers a friendly, child proof infrastructure. Assess the park’s quality, the washrooms, the furniture, and the like to make the right choice. Visiting the center might help you assess the hygiene a lot better. A few daycares allow parents to send their essentials along. Make your pick according to your convenience and the preferences that you have for your child.


The daycare centers promise to be a home away from home. However, only an in-depth assessment and inspection can help you make the right pick. If you have been looking for the perfect second home for your child, do not hesitate to visit The Champions Academy Daycare and OSC. Get in touch with them at +587-454-5505 and address your concerns right away. As the leading daycare center in Edmonton and South Ed-Monton Allendale area, the center is every parent’s favorite! Visit today and explore the website to know more.

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