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We Promote Kids Activities to Have a Fit, Healthy Growing Body

Helping children to have an active, healthy body is one of our core beliefs at Champions Academy and we work consistently to visualize and achieve it.
The healthy body in children is a result of a few small, but important activities.

Right Sleep

A child should have a right amount of daily sleep to stay active for the entire day. A good, sound sleep helps children to rebuild and repair faster. As per WebMD, children should sleep as follows;

We have a nap time!

Nutritious Diet

“A healthy mind lives in a healthy body”. This is what we believe to begin with! We strictly follow the required norms for children’s diet because we believe that the planned diet does have what children need on day to day basis with right variation of nutrients. It is designed and proven by scientists that specialize in the field, so we just follow it!

What is the simplest rule to follow to give children complete nutrition? Have food of all colors in their diet and change colors daily! This simple rule will ensure that kids are getting all the nutrition they need!

Check below what essential 9 nutrients children must eat.
Need some helpful guides: Download Alberta Nutrition GuideCompare with NZ guide for babies

Plentiful of Activities

We implement small numerous activities that we organize and encourage children to participate in day to day activities to keep children fit and active.

We have; Morning Fit (All Ages), Dance Fit (All Ages), Gross Motor Skills (All Ages), Fine Motor Skills (All Ages), Stay Healthy (2+), Cooking Classes (3+). We also plan outdoor days and small outdoor activities with children and caregivers.

A child care center in Banff believes that helping children to learn physical literacy is one more dimension of development that must be explored in children. Believing in their philosophy, they have pioneered a program where they help young children to work on their physical abilities and strengths and ultimately help them gain it and become stronger.

Our inspiration is same, and we promote similar kind of physical development in our children!

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